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Tano Consultants offers the best of consultancy on Internet  of  things(IoT),  innovation/Disruption  and conventional web design blended with tangible business insight.

Tano Consultants founding  team dreamed of a consultancy agency  which operated with business insight at its foundation, proposing actual value and measurable results to understanding consumers who want both style and substance for their   business:


What is Waste

DEFRA and -Waste Framework Directive defines waste as

“…any substance or object which the holder discards or intends or is required to discard…”

Waste management problems arose in the earlier days of human settlement 6500 years ago, and Society has overtime and particularly during the last decades, developed towards a consumer society. Globally, we have witnessed the accelerated pace of consumption as well as the increased emphasis on symbolic consumption where consumer identity is reflected by what is consumed. Products are thrown away, not because they are worn out, but because of the fast-changing style and design trends in consumables, cost factor of repairing against the cost of a new product. Hence, the increase in consumption has led to the increase in waste and, as a result, an increased interest in waste management.

Waste Generation Ratio

In 2010, The European Union stated that, waste is an issue that affects us all. We all produce waste: on average, each of the 500 million people living in the EU throws away around half a tonne of household rubbish every year. This is on top of huge amounts of waste generated from activities such as manufacturing (360 million tonnes) and construction (900 million tonnes), while water supply and energy production generate another 95 million tonnes. Altogether, the European Union produces up to 3 billion tonnes of waste every year. Below are statistics from Defra on waste management:

Merrill Lynch connect past & future technology

One would  ask why Merrill Lynch decided to copy data from its mainframe to other platforms for customers to view their transaction; data that had errors and data was  obsolete the moment it was   copied from the mainframe , as real-time data is  constantly stored in or sent to the mainframe

Use Cases

For Merrill Lynch to remain competitive in our ever-rising technological world: it had to modernise its Information Technology infrastructure, according to The Economist (2001) most of its competitors had already modernised their IT infrastructure and were using Web service applications. Web service application is described by Manes (2003) as an application that provides Web application Programming Interface (API) which exposes the functionality of an application within Merrill Lynch IT infrastructure to other applications.

Managing Innovation

The aim of this project is to explore a large organisation about their practices in managing innovation. The team carried out extensive research on various types of organisations, and agreed to investigate on an open innovation company who, from its inception (June 14, 1913) by King Rama VI (Park et al , 2016). According to Forbes (2019), the Siam Cement Group (SCG) is an investment holding company with core business segments: Cement-Building Materials, Chemicals, and Packaging. SCG is a leading conglomerate of Thailand and ASEAN region, and has included more than 100 companies. In 2019, the reported revenue was over £13 million, listed in the Forbes Global 2000 as number 648, and currently employs over 53 thousand employees. (Forbes, 2019).


Although SCG has been established for more than 100 years, the company has constantly embraced technology and incrementally transformed its business. As Mr. Rungrote Rangsiyoph, CEO of SCG, stated in the 2019 strategy that in order to deal with disruptive technologies, intense competition and other uncertainties, SCG needs to be driven by new innovative products and solutions,this demonstrates innovative DNA through its exploration and exploitation. Such initiative, however, was directly challenging a hundred-year-old status quo. This, thus, leads to the interest of conducting managing innovation analysis of SCG.